Advocates for Educational Equity & Excellence

We are Educational Lay Advocates who provide information, support, training and professional development for administrators, teachers, families and students to increase knowledge, and develop skills to collaborate to achieve educational equity and excellence for culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) children and youth with disabilities.

General Education

Advocacy, training and information for parents that enables them to navigate the general education system tp emsire tjeor cjo;d os succeeding. 

Special Education

Parents, do you know your rights? Parents of children who receive special education services have parental rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Fathers at the Education Table

Fathers are the forgotten experts about their child’s education. Their involvement in their child’s education is vitally important. 

My Right to Read

After school tutoring focused on building the right reading skills for students in K-3 grades!


It takes strong instructional leadership to ensure that all children achieve.

Families and support personal

Parents need to advocate to get their child the services they need..

Teachers & Counselors

Some teachers exercise the only option they think is available to them when there are struggling learners in their class.


Students, individualized based on the age, need and abilities can take a leadership role in decisions about his/her future.